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Welcome to Boxer Rescue VT!  We believe all dogs belong in a loving home environment.  Our rescued pets stay with our volunteer foster-angel’s in their family homes where they are treated with lots of TLC and learn to assimilate into indoor living and being part of a loving family while they heal up from spay or neuter surgery, vaccines and other medical needs. 

Our rescue is staffed 100% by part-time volunteers who hold full time jobs, and are also moms, dads, family members etc…   

Due to time limitations meet & greets with potential adopters will be setup once we have received & verified your completed application.  

Please, If you are interested in adopting, Please download, and SUBMIT your completed ADOPTION APPLICATION, along with the requested proof of address. Please note, all documents and applications must be sent to us as a PDF (please PDF only, no jpeg, zip or other types files, thanks). Along with your application please write us an introductory email telling us about yourself, your home, what city/state you reside, your current/past pets, what pet you are interested in (or what traits you desire in a pet and we can suggest a “match” for you) and tell us why you think you would be an awesome choice as this pet’s forever parent. 

Thank you 

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