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Without “U” there can be no RescUe, Please join us! 

Our Volunteer Application Form is “old school” meaning the volunteer application can not be filled out on your screen via this website. 

Volunteer Application can be downloaded from this Link and viewed with Adobe Acrobat (a free program). Then please print it & fill it out by hand using dark pen. Once form is completed sign and then scan form back it into your computer as a PDF file titled “your name” volunteer application and attach it to an Email. 

Whenever you write us or send in forms, it is important to please always include your full name, location and phone number in the Main Portion of the email, and if you are writing for the first time please include a brief introduction of yourself, family and reason you’d like to volunteer etc. (Yes, even though some of that is on your application, having it in body of email too really helps us.)

When Emailing please use the subject line: Volunteer Application Attached

If you do not hear back from us in 3-5 days please resend. We do not have any paid or full time staff, we are all volunteers and sometimes we miss messages or they go into spam folder by mistake.

Our Volunteer application located at

Help save precious lives! Volunteer today!


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